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Make Way for Health by Rejecting and Releasing the Unhealthy! 

Life should be about having a healthy body, having great relationships and being at peace or content in every circumstance. It is about having a goal that motivates you and making a contribution. But let's face it. No one – not you, me, or anyone else in the world – is unaffected by dis—ease. Some of us have suffered from dis—ease personally, and practically every one of us has a loved one who is, or has been, a victim of some devastating disease.  

So how do we achieve TOTAL HEALTH? And is total health possible in a polluted world? 

The connection between our mind and our body is now undisputed. When we begin to understand the importance of our thoughts and attitude on our total health, we can then begin to understand how our thoughts create how we feel and then how we feel affects how our immune system functions. It isn’t just what you eat, but what is eating you. It isn’t that you don’t do enough exercise, but the reason why you don’t do the exercise. It isn’t that you over indulged, but why. Was it to give you the warm fuzzy feelings that you are not getting from your relationships, but then you are angry that you gain weight and feel unwell? Are you sabotaging your health because of low self esteem? Are you using sickness to get what you want? 

So how can we monitor these random thoughts that can bring about the destruction of the immune system, allowing chaos into our lives?  

Firstly, think about what you are thinking! Become aware of what you’re taking into your mind from TV, magazines and just what you are thinking about, talking about, especially before bed when your subconscious mind takes over for the night. Let go of those things that do not add life or health to you and your family. Release the negatives of the day. There is a quote that says “today’s trouble is enough for today”. Don’t carry today’s negative events into tomorrow.  

This brings us to your mood, or attitude, and its effect on your total health. We all have experienced being hungry or tired and finding ourselves a little grumpy or easily irritated—in other words, our physical condition has affected our thinking and emotions. The reverse is also true—what we think about and how we feel can profoundly affect our immune system and our total health for the good or bad. 

Choose to surround yourself with beauty, nature, sunlight, music, and what brings you joy instead of dwelling on those negatives. Think about the good things, find the good in people and learn to sing. It seems rather funny but you can’t be depressed and sing a happy song at the same time! 

So learn to be thankful. “In everything give thanks.” Find something to be thankful for throughout the day, especially at the beginning and end of your day. Daily I love to write out a list of “My 10 Grateful Things” because it helps me to focus on what is important, useful and helpful. If you’re feeling irritable or depressed, intentionally choose to give thanks for something good in your life. For some of you who are experiencing difficulties right now, this may be challenging, but well worth the effort. Remember, it is not only what you eat and drink that is important to your well-being and total health, it’s just as likely to be what’s eating you!  

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Here are Four Strategies to Staying in Total Health: 

1. Develop a healthy attitude 

Program your mind with positive affirmations. Laugh a lot, Sing often, even in spite of adverse circumstances. 

2. Dismiss what is not healthy 

Reduce your sugar in take, eliminate food dyes, artificial ingredients and preservatives, deep fried foods, take-away foods and genetically modified foods. Foods that spike your blood sugar, are artificial, or are hard to digest, can tax your body’s health reserves. To support an embattled immune system, popular author and speaker, Dr John Tickell recommends that we all should reduce the HI (Human Interference) factor in our food. When you eat “dead foods” your body is less able to protect you from the increased stresses that you encounter.

3. Decide to take in what is healthy 

Begin with plenty of colour from fresh, preferably organic fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of purified water. For total health, fresh air is also important - open a window or go for a walk outside when possible. Get some sunshine every day for Vitamin D. Read a good book; invite a good friend to join you for a massage. Turn off the mind and just relax for awhile. Let go of your worries. Take time to meditate and be grateful.Eat, think and meditate close to nature. 

4. Demand immune boosters 

Because we live in a world that in so many unavoidable ways plays havoc with our immune system, make use of natural and available support with specific immune boosters. 

Support yourself with a good natural multivitamin and omega three fatty acids from fish oil. Echinacea can be used occasionally if needed to boost the immunity. Garlic is a wonderful natural antibiotic and is also good for total health. Extra vitamin C and D in winter to keep the anti oxidants up can be useful. To maintain normal gut flora, Probiotics, like natural yogurt, are especially good. Drug based antibiotics play havoc with the gut flora because they kill off not only the bad bacteria but also the good, and are now being blamed for the increase in bowel cancers. 

In summary, to achieve total health release what’s unhealthy, take in what’s healthy for body and mind, in everything give thanks, and use immune-boosters. With these strategies in place, you’ll be well on your way to living a life of total health. 

5. Declare a healthy environment

According to research the following 9 things have been listed as a reason for longevity:  


Eat healthy 

Be physically Active – exercise 

Work hard 

Have Strong Social Ties 

Handle Stress Well 

Enjoy 1 glass of wine a day 

Laugh a lot 

Stay close to your Mom 

Refuse to hold grudges but rather FORGIVE others.
Recognise your human bias for error and FORGIVE yourself.  




Adversity can strike in anyone’s life and if it does then you have two choices. Either you lay down and wallow in your sadness or you battle through it and head for a better life.  In her book `Why Me` Yvonne Chamberlain gives a person not only the key to handle any adversity that comes their way but also the knowledge and training to live life to the best of their ability.  There is no greater teacher than one who "has been there and done that".  An amazing woman, a brilliant teacher who gives simple easy to follow guidelines to help you achieve your very best.  A simple to read, easy to understand, difficult to put down, must have book. - Bob Daly  


“Congratulations” on your book. Thank you for sharing your very own personal walk, wow, what a ‘life-line’ and ‘help’ this book can be to others and will be to me at this very difficult point in my life.  I have known you for a long time, as a friend, a person who I have looked at and thought, boy I wish I could be as confident as Yvonne, she seems to have it all together. I knew of your cancer and your determination to fight it which you did and won. But I saw that you had a nice husband, family, home etc, it never entered my mind that you could have family issues and that you had already been through many of the struggles that I had. Y our book is showing me so much because I can relate to so many of the things that you have shared about your life.  

Fantastic and thank you. - Gail 


Some feedback I had about the talk last night at BG, Kicking Cancer, etc. with Yvonne Chamberlain. I was doing the banking for BG and chatting with the teller about my family member recovering from cancer. The teller said that a customer before me is still grieving very much over her husband recently being taken by cancer. Last night the customer attended the talk here at BG. She got so much help from the talk that she feels that she will begin to deal better with her grief. If a customer can relate this to strangers then I think that Yvonne must do a great job as a speaker. Just thought I would pass this on. - Kym BG